Why Does Hail Cause So Much Damage?

If you lived in San Antonio, TX, in 2016, you might remember the hail storm that caused record-high insurance claims throughout the area.

Numerous vehicles, houses, and businesses were severely damaged, and many people suffered injuries due to the hailstones, which were reported to be as large as baseballs.

Homeowners know that hail is nothing to laugh at regarding property damage. It could rip off siding, shatter windows, and destroy your rooftop, costing you thousands of dollars in home and roofing repairs in San Antonio.

But why does hail cause so much damage, and what should you do about it? Please continue reading to find out. You can also contact Top Notch Roofing for expert advice on hail damage from licensed San Antonio roofing contractors.

Hailstone Size

Stone size is one of the most significant factors of hail damage to a roof in San Antonio. The larger it is, the more damage it could cause to your house.

The size is typically determined by the strength of the storm’s updraft. If the storm’s updraft is incredibly strong, it can cause the size of the hailstone to increase.

Hailstone diameter tends to range from ¾ inch (the size of a penny) to 2 ¾ inches (the size of a baseball). Sometimes they could even be larger.

When hailstones are almost 2 inches or more in diameter, you can expect severe damage to your roof in San Antonio. They can sometimes go right through the roof, creating gaping holes.

You could also see other damage to your roofing in San Antonio, Texas, such as buckled or missing shingles because strong winds can send the hailstones jetting across your rooftop.

Wind Speed

Wind speed adds to the harm that hailstones may do to your house, necessitating roofing repairs in San Antonio. Even smaller hail could threaten your home if the winds are strong enough.

When wind speeds are high coupled with hail, you need to stay away from windows because the stones could shatter the glass.

You should also get underneath a table or some other shelter in case the stones break through your roofing system.

What to Do After a Hailstorm

It’s easy to panic after a severe hailstorm wrecks havoc on your home, but panicking never helps.

After a hailstorm hits and ruins your rooftop, you must remain calm and find a roofer in San Antonio, TX, with the necessary credentials.

Once you have found a company you can trust, you must allow them to inspect your roofing system thoroughly. 

Experienced San Antonio roofing contractors know what to look for and will create a report outlining the repairs you need.

This information is helpful because home insurance companies need it to file your insurance claim.

In Conclusion

As a San Antonio homeowner, you never know when the next great hailstorm will occur. Keep yourself and your property as safe as possible by staying informed and maintaining strong roofing in San Antonio, Texas.

Hailstones, if large enough and accompanied by strong winds, could cause severe damage to your property, but you can feel more confident by having a roofer in San Antonio, TX you can trust.