What to Look For in a Roof When Buying a Home in San Antonio, Texas

Home buying is a lengthy process mainly because of everything there is to consider. Does it have enough rooms? Will the AC survive the summer? And, in our opinion, the most important question to ask: What’s the condition of the roof? 

We’re not only talking about the color or texture of the roofing, but the condition. Having to repair or replace roofing in San Antonio, TX can be costly. However, there are signs that indicate a secure roof and one that’ll give you issues in the near future. 

Here are some things to consider in a roof when buying a home in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Broken or Missing Shingles

Perhaps one of the easiest roofing problems to spot is damaged shingles. When left unattended, missing or broken shingles lead to more serious issues like leaks and water damage. In cases like this, request the seller replaces them before you close on the house. Or, see if your realtor can bargain down the overall price of the property.  

If they refuse on either solution, and you’re set on the house, don’t worry. Roofing repairs in San Antonio can (and should) be solved quickly. Contact a local roofing company in San Antonio to learn more.

2. Poor Roof Ventilation 

A properly working ventilation system will keep the inside of your home comfortable. Roof ventilation provides air circulation by pulling air in and out of your home. Improper roof ventilation means that hot air will get trapped in your home, leading to several potential issues. 

For starters, roofing ventilation should protect your home from hot air during the summer. This will make it difficult to keep your home cool and comfortable. Trapped hot air during the winter causes problem like mold, ice dams, or mildew. 

When performing your house inspection walkthrough, keep an eye out for air ducts. Since there are several types of roof ventilation systems in the market, you should hire San Antonio roofing contractors to conduct a thorough inspection. They’ll look for things like ice dames, mold, leaks, pests, or hot/cold areas in the property. 

3. Gutter Blockage

This is another issue that can be difficult to spot, especially if gutters have been recently cleaned. Typically, you’ll want to look for things like spilling water over sides of gutters, birds by your roof, or staining on the siding. If you notice any of these, the gutters of the house may be blocked.

The only way to know for sure is to inquire with a roofer in San Antonio, TX. They’ll be able to tell you if there’s any debris in the gutters and how to fix it. You may even be able to clean it yourself!

4.  Mold and Mildew 

No one wants to deal with mold or mildew. However, if the property you’re looking at has poor ventilation or water damage of any sort, you may be dealing with mold. This is a threat not only to your roof since it deteriorates the structure, but it also releases spores into the air that can make your family sick

Mold can easily be detected on the interior and exterior of the house due to its rancid smell and unattractive appearance, which is characterized by black, brown, and dark-green blotches. If found, make sure you get your roofing repairs company in San Antonio to treat it quickly as repairing mold damage can become expensive later on. 


Make sure you inspect the roof before you buy your new house and get professional help if required. It would be a good idea to get all these checked before you move into your new residence. This way, you’ll save yourself from any of the issues outlined above in the future.