What is the Damage of Hail?

Although not something that many expect to affect their homes, hailstorms can wreak absolute havoc, especially on the roof of your house. Living in San Antonio, though, means you are likely quite aware of the high chances of hailstorms.

Having a licensed roofer in San Antonio on your team will ensure your home receives prompt repairs after a hailstorm. Keep reading for more information on how hail can damage your roofing system.

Assessing the Damage and Calling the Experts

The size of hailstones can vary significantly from a quarter to something to the dimensions of tennis or baseballs or even larger. 

Even if you suspect the hailstorm has not led to issues significant enough to call in a roofing company in San Antonio, there are checks you can do before opting not to do so.

The best place to start your investigation is to check your gutters. If your gutters have been affected, it is likely a wise decision to bring in a qualified individual to inspect your roofing in San Antonio. 

There will often be dents prevalent on the gutters and even your downspouts. This will be reason enough to inspect the roof to see if repairs are needed and what the outlook is.  

Make Sure You are Covered

Over the years, there have seemingly been many insurance claims related to this issue, and one should ensure that they are adequately covered. A professional roofer in San Antonio can walk you through the process and assist you in negotiating with your insurance company if you need to make a claim.

Factors of the Severity of Hail Damage

Understanding hail, how it forms, when it is likely to occur, the precautions to take, and why San Antonio is susceptible to hail will give you a leg up. 

Hail will only sometimes threaten your home and other property elements, such as windows and even a vehicle parked outdoors. Still, some aspects can drastically affect what sort of damage to expect. 

  • Speed – Gravity will always play a role here, but another major factor is how fast the wind blows and its direction. This can drastically increase the damage caused, even by smaller hailstones.
  • Size of the hail – The smaller the hailstones are, the less likely they’ll cause significant issues, but if they are larger, you can expect them to cause more problems.
  • Roof materials – Certain roofing in San Antonio is made from materials that will only dent when struck. However, some will crack or shatter, meaning that a portion or even the entire roof may need replacing.

Do Not Ignore Potential Damage

It is easy to look at the issues brought upon by hail and decide that it does not warrant attention. You may feel that the structural integrity of your home, especially the roof, is still sound. 

If there are hints of potential damage on your roof in San Antonio, do not ignore this, as the issues could exacerbate. When this occurs, the only thing that can be expected is for the problem to worsen. 

You may then need to deal with other issues, such as water getting into your ceiling, which can lead to electrical problems, mold, and more.  

Final Thoughts

Hail and the damage it can bring upon your roof in San Antonio can range from absolutely nothing to a major disaster where your roof is severely dented, cracked, or broken. When in doubt, reach out to a top-notch roofing company in San Antonio to ensure your roofing system is sound and secure.