What Is the Best Roofing Material for Your House?

Choosing the material for your new roof in San Antonio can be a stressful ordeal. You may worry about selecting one only to have regrets about your choice later down the line.

But we’ve got you covered with this guide. Below, we’ll discuss the potential material options that a roofing company in San Antonio can implement for your home.

1. Asphalt Shingles

An asphalt shingle roof is any homeowner or roofing company in San Antonio’s dream. This structure is affordable, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing.

You can choose from various architectural styles, including 3-tab, dimensional, and premium shingles. 3-tab shingles are among the most popular, as they’re conventional and work well with many types of homes. You can also select from various color and texture choices. Some homeowners look for asphalt shingles that resemble other materials like wood, slate, or cedar. This way, they can achieve a premium-looking final result for an affordable price!

We also love asphalt shingle roofs for their low maintenance and easy repairs. You won’t need to install an additional structure to support the shingles’ weight. And if your shingles acquire damage, repairing them is simple. Any qualified roofing company in San Antonio can address the repair, as asphalt shingles are commonly used and understood materials.

And if you’re concerned about the environment’s well-being, using asphalt shingles is one way to reduce waste. These shingles are recyclable when their useful life comes to an end, and it’s easy to find recycling services in most major metro markets.

2. Standing Seam Metal

A standing seam metal roof is another option that your roofer in San Antonio can install for you. A standing seam metal structure is incredibly weather-tight, so you won’t have to worry about heavy downpours or strong gusts blowing your hoe’s covering away. These structures also have very impressive lifespans — they can last for up to 40 years, and some can even stay effective for up to 70 years!

Note that one potential disadvantage of these structures is the noise they produce. During a heavy rainstorm, you’ll likely hear a persistent pattern that you wouldn’t notice with structures made from other materials. But besides this potential flaw, standing seam metal coverings are energy-efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly options for your home!

3. Cedar Shake

A cedar shake covering is a natural-looking option for your home. A roofer in San Antonio can install a cedar shake covering to offer your home excellent resistance to the elements and dimensional stability. The wood won’t shrink, and it will maintain its original dimensions even in humid conditions. Your roofing company in San Antonio will be happy to install a cedar structure, as this material is less prone to moss growth compared to other materials. Manufacturers will treat the wood to make it resistant to insects, fungus, and fire, too, so you’ll have a safe, visually appealing structure that’ll last for years.

Deciding on Roofing in San Antonio

If you’re on a hunt for new roofing in San Antonio, consider the three materials we mentioned above for the best results! Be sure to talk to your roofing company in San Antonio to learn which material is best for your property, preferences, and budget.