How Do You Know If A Roofer Did A Good Job?

Getting your roof replaced is an expensive and stressful experience. Most homeowners have limited experience with roofing, so it can be hard to tell whether you received quality service. 

A quality job is important with a central Texas roofer, though. Extreme weather can turn a shoddy roofing job into a true hazard. So, how can you tell if your roofer did a good job?

1. They Use Good Roofing Underlayment

Underlayment is vital for any quality roofing job. First, it’s extra protection against leaks, water seepage, and mold/rot. Second, it provides a flat and even surface for shingles to lay on.

While felt-paper is still occasionally used, you should push for your roofers to use synthetic underlayment if possible. Synthetics will not break down over time and provide more protection for wood framing if a rainstorm pops up during the roofing process.

2. They Remove Old Layers

Old shingles and underlayment should be removed before any roof replacement.  While it might seem like an optional step, you really shouldn’t leave it out. 

Depending on where you live, building codes may limit the number of layers a roof can have. When it comes time to sell your home, you don’t want to fail an inspection. Removing old layers also creates a smooth surface for installation that helps insure against leaks. 

3. Everything Is Even And Uniform

An even surface is the best visual sign of a quality roofing job. The same materials should be used throughout the roof. If you notice a color change in shingles, that’s a bad sign.

The roofline should be perfectly straight, with no sags or dips. Shingles should overlap consistently throughout and be aligned perfectly. If a roofing job is done correctly, the roof will wear evenly, even if one side is more exposed to the elements than the others.

4. Flashing Is Used Effectively

Flashing is the first defense your roof has against leaks and ice dams. It should always be installed under the shingles, not on top. Your home should have drip edges around gables and eaves and kick-out flashing where shingles meet the walls.

Some roofing contractors may use roof cement or caulk instead of flashing. A central Texas roofer shouldn’t do this, as extreme weather and thunderstorms will break down caulk and allow moisture to get in.

Occasionally, a subpar roofer will attempt to use previously used flashing on your roof. A quality Killeen roofing company will never do this.

5. They’re Clean & Professional

An easy way to spot a good roofer is how they leave their work area. Good roofers remove any trash and debris instead of leaving it on the homeowner. They also don’t damage any landscaping, siding, or windows on or around your home.

Good roofers also don’t mind if you ask questions about their process. They’re happy to explain why they’re doing something a certain way and don’t mind if you check that they’ve done something correctly.


If you suspect you’ve received a bad roofing job or simply want to find a central Texas roofer who will do it right the first time, contact Top Notch Roofing today!