The Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Living in an area that is prone to extreme temperatures and extreme weather patterns, you need to know that the protection for your home will see you through. Severe weather wreaks havoc on your shingles and roofing system. And when that leaves you with leaks, it’s time to act. 

A little water may not seem like a big deal to everyone. But there are serious dangers that come from this damage. Luckily, a roofing company in San Antonio can help you with the necessary guidance and repairs. Not convinced? Here are the top 5 dangers that come from leaky roofing in San Antonio, Texas. 

1. Electrical Fires

Water and electricity do not mix. Just like you don’t want an electrical appliance anywhere
near a full bathtub, water entering your home uncontrolled can have similar effects. As
leaks allow water in, the moisture finds exposed wiring and sensitive appliances in your
This is when leaks stop being harmless and could spell immediate danger to you and your
family. So when you notice leaks, call reliable San Antonio roofing contractors immediately.

2. Mold

Leaks are not only dangerous for your home, but they are also a problem for your health. 
Mold can occur as a direct result of a leaky roof. That’s because mold thrives in damp, moist
places like a leaky attic. 
Mold is very hard to kill and causes serious health complications. So be on the lookout for
any signs of trouble and act swiftly before things get worse. 

3. Damage to Property

Do you have money to replace everything in your home? Water not only damages your
shingles. It damages your furniture and destroys your electronics. If your roof isn’t doing
its job, then you need to look into roofing repairs in San Antonio before you have to replace

4. Irreversible Damage to Your Home

Water warps wood, rots sheetrock, and causes mold to grow where you don’t want it to. If
you let leaks go unchecked, then you are liable to do irreversible damage such as cave-ins
or weakened structural support. 
Don’t let water damage destroy your home. Hire a roofing company in San Antonio before it
comes to that. 

5. Damage to the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, you can’t afford damaged shingles and leaks. A leaky
roof will lessen the value of your home as it affects the interior and exterior of your home.
If you want to avoid a lot of mess and a devalued home, then make sure you get help from a
roofer in San Antonio, Tx.

Get Better Roofing in San Antonio, Texas

Whenever you need something important done at your home, you should always look to
professionals. Trust San Antonio roofing contractors for your inspection and any repairs
While repairs are expensive, the damage caused by leaks is far more costly. So before you
jeopardize your health and safety, invest in necessary roofing repairs in San Antonio.