How Does an Insurance Claim on a Roof Work?

The last thing anyone wants is to consult a roofing company in San Antonio because of difficulties with their insurance carrier after accidental damage. However, this may sometimes be the best option. Learn more about how these insurance claims work with our guide.

ACV vs. RCV for Roofing in San Antonio

Many insurance companies offer ACV (actual cash value) instead of the traditional RCV (replacement cost value) for a damaged roof in San Antonio. But what does this mean? Put simply:

  • ACV takes into account the deductibles and depreciation costs, meaning that the insurance company typically has to pay out a lesser amount
  • RCV measures the cost of replacing a roof. This solution meant that an insurance company would cover the value of the new roof rather than judging what the homeowner had lost with the old model

ACV is typically offered at a lower premium than RCV, making it attractive to homeowners. But if you haven’t had proper maintenance services for your roofing in San Antonio, you could find yourself with a shockingly low payout on an ACV plan.

The best solution to this is to work with a local roofing company in San Antonio. This way, they can document regular services, proving you’re entitled to a reimbursement that can buy you a proper replacement.

Roofing San Antonio: What are Deductibles in Roof Insurance?

Insurance carriers are fond of deductibles. These are the costs that you must pay towards repairs and are generally considered a good way of getting the total cost of your policy down.

You’ll need to take whatever deductibles you’ve signed up for into consideration because they impact the amount your insurance carrier will reimburse for damages. This is especially troublesome if you have an ACV policy — you could end up with almost no coverage even after an accident like a falling tree. Certain people can afford these out-of-pocket expenses, but most cannot, leaving them helpless.

Work with a trusted roofing inspector in San Antonio that understands how insurance works in this area. They’ll be able to advise you on how to work within your policy.

Depreciation Costs of a Roof San Antonio

Depreciation costs refer to the value of your property declining over the years. This includes the top, which is why it’s so important to have regular inspections conducted. Inspections ensure that your home isn’t more vulnerable than usual to extreme weather events.

Insurance carriers will take this vulnerability into account when toting up how much they want to pay you. It’s worth working with a contractor that understands the insurance business. That way, they can routinely assess the quality of your home’s protection.

Verdict: Use Professional Inspection from a Roofing Company in San Antonio

Regular inspections can save you a lot of money.

A local company with its own insurance adjusters can also be of enormous benefit. They know the game and can fight on your behalf when your carrier doesn’t want to pay what you deserve. Work with your local roofer in San Antonio to keep your premiums low and protect yourself against disaster.