How To Tell If Roof Shingles Have Wind Damage

Sound roofing is essential to any home’s comfort, safety, and overall functionality. Keeping a solid roof over your family’s heads demands proper maintenance practices.

With extreme winds and unforeseen weather conditions, damage can quickly occur. The key is to spot issues early, so your roofing in San Antonio, Texas can avoid the uglier outcomes of unresolved wind damage. 

Here are some of the biggest things to remember and look out for when assessing a shingled San Antonio roof for wind damage.

Inspect Often & Clear Debris

Perhaps the most obvious prevention strategy for a roof in San Antonio is frequent inspection. Especially before and after storms, homes should be checked carefully for weak spots and damage. 

It’s also a must to clear debris regularly so weak spots have nowhere to hide. Preventing buildup stops piles from concealing other problems as they worsen. Hire a roofer in San Antonio, TX to clear away obstructions for you before they lead to significant issues.

Loose Or Missing Shingles

San Antonio roofing contractors will tell you that loose and missing shingles are among the most common and harmful roof problems. Shingles that have been blown loose are at the core of numerous other issues. Unaddressed, they quickly lead to worse property damage.

Loose shingles flap in the wind until they eventually detach. When inspecting, look closely for spaces between and beneath shingles, which could indicate a broken seal allowing movement. You may be surprised at how quickly a few loose shingles can evolve into a much more intense situation, requiring costly repairs to your roof in San Antonio.

Water Leakage

When shingles are shaken loose by wind, water can creep through. Water leakage creates collected moisture, where rot and mold can develop. This severely compromises the structure and safety of any San Antonio roof and must be dealt with immediately.

Seeping water freezes and expands when temperatures drop, causing worse damage to the home’s structural integrity. Costlier repairs are always the result of unchecked water seepage. This is a primary reason to watch for shingles that have been eroded by wind and to contact a roofer in San Antonio, TX at the first sign of damage.

Why It Matters

Roof damage never self-repairs. Anytime a roof sustains an injury, it will worsen until it hits your home and budget even harder. Roof upkeep is imperative for home value retention and energy efficiency to avoid inflated costs, pest prevention, sanitation issues, and more.

Contact licensed San Antonio roofing contractors to prevent budding roof issues from snowballing.

In Conclusion

Roofs are built to endure the elements, but there’s no telling what can happen when extreme weather and winds strike. Looking out for warning signs is critical to protecting your roof from significant wind damage and all the headaches it’s sure to entail.

Repairing loose shingles on your San Antonio roof is one of the highest priorities in overall home maintenance. Wind-damaged shingles will cause worse harm to your home, your wallet, and your peace of mind when left alone.

Prevention through diligent inspection to promptly find and resolve issues is critical. By prioritizing your roofing in San Antonio, Texas, your family can stay safe and protected no matter what.