How Much Does a New Roof Cost in San Antonio, Texas?

A good roof is crucial to any home, but it’s also a significant investment. Whether you build a new house or replace old roofing in San Antonio, you’ll have to spend a bit.

Before reaching out to a roofing company in San Antonio, take the time to understand your potential costs. Having a general pricing idea will help you budget and make the most of your project.

To help you out, we broke down what to expect. Keep reading to learn how much new roofing in San Antonio will cost you.

What Determines the Cost?

There are a few factors that cause the price point to fluctuate quite a bit, including:

  • Size
  • Pitch
  • Materials
  • Layers
  • Original installation
  • Labor
  • Waste disposal

A few factors, like materials and size, are self-explanatory in how they change the price. The larger the area, the higher material quality, the more it’ll cost. Others, like original installation, will only affect the price if you’re seeking a roofer in San Antonio for total replacement.

Active labor is perhaps the most determining factor in your price. Of course, labor is affected by everything else on the list. The steeper the pitch, the more intense the manual work. The size of the roof, the more a contractor will need to be there.

Additionally, this profession is the 4th most dangerous job, according to a study by the University of Delaware. The longer a contractor spends on the project, the higher the risk, so it’s only fair they’re compensated accordingly.

New Roof vs. Roof Replacement

Replacing your current structure will likely cost more than building a new one. This is because your San Antonio contractor has to remove and dispose of the old piece, plus make a new one.

You can expect around $1,000+ added to your final bill in instances of replacement.

Different Shingles, Different Prices

As mentioned, different materials lead to fluctuating costs on your project.

Typically, asphalt shingles are the cheapest. Their cost-effective nature also makes them quite popular. But, you may want to stand out and opt for less-common materials. Additional options include:

  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Wood

The best roofing company in San Antonio will work with you to find the ideal shingle that matches your budget and aesthetic preference. You should also ask about which provides the most impact-resistant materials for better energy efficiency and preventing future damage to your home.

Average Cost of New Roof in San Antonio

According to Home Advisor, the average range for replacing or installing a new structure is $5,580-$11,524.

It’s a wide range. But to determine your budget, it’s essential to understand how much pricing varies. Working with a trusted roofer in San Antonio will help you meet your financial needs.

Summarizing Cost of Roofing in San Antonio

Roofing won’t last forever, so it’s important to understand inevitable future costs. Many factors can change the grand total, but working with a reliable contractor will help you meet your needs within your budget.