How Do I Calculate Shingles

Shingles are one of the most popular options for roofing across the U.S., and central Texas is no exception. 

When you need Killeen roof repair, you’ll want to know how many shingles you’ll need for your roof. Likewise, you’ll want to know whether it’s better to buy them yourself or have professional roofers in Killeen, Texas, source them for you.

Our guide explains it all.

How Many Shingles Do You Need For a Roof?

We’ve got two important questions to start with:

  1. How big are the shingles?
  2. How big is the roof?

We’ll tackle the second question below. The simple answer to the first question is that when roofing companies in Killeen, TX size up a roof, they don’t measure by the shingle but by the bundle. That’s a set number of shingles (of any size) that will cover a predetermined area of the roof, known as a roofing square.

Calculating Bundles Per Roofing Square

The most popular unit for Killeen roofing is the architectural shingle. You’ll typically need three bundles of these per square. So how big is a roofing square?

A square is equivalent to 100 sq ft of surface. For example, for a surface measuring 600 sq ft, you’d need 18 bundles. Each bundle contains enough products to cover the 100 sq ft area, regardless of the individual unit size.

Finding Out the Size Of Your Roof

When you need roof repair in Killeen, TX, it’s essential to know how much needs to be repaired. There’s no point tearing off the whole structure and ordering several more bundles than you need if repairs can be done with fewer resources. This begs the question, how do you measure your roof?

The best policy is to contact roofers in Killeen, Texas, to measure it for you. Working at a height is dangerous if you don’t have the proper fall protection gear and professional training. Furthermore, professionals will know exactly where to measure to and from – finding that you measured 1ft too far and ordered a whole extra bundle of shingles doesn’t feel good.

Should I Buy Shingles or Have a Roofing Company Source Them?

Bundles are often sold in sets of 3, as this is how many will be used to cover a square. If you’re planning roof repair in Killeen, TX, and sourcing materials yourself, you might be tempted to overcompensate, leaving you with a load of leftover products you don’t need. On the other hand, you might not order enough and have to wait with a half-finished roof until further delivery, risking leaks that can cause mold growth.

The best advice is to work with professionals. Roofing companies in Killeen, TX, can accurately measure your roof and source the appropriate materials with minimal fuss. Reputable contractors will only charge you for what they use – they’ll have plenty of use for leftover bundles, whereas you may not!

Final Thoughts

Having your Killeen roofing measured and repaired by professionals is always the best idea. Speak to a trusted local contractor and save yourself some hassle!