FAQs About a New Roof in San Antonio, TX

As a homeowner, you have a lot of questions. From getting all the repairs you need to
spotting damage before it gets worse, it can be overwhelming. But when it comes to your
roofing in San Antonio, Texas, we’ve got the answers you need. 

Check out these frequently asked questions, and learn what you need to know about
getting or maintaining your replacement.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Having a reliable roofing company in San Antonio is essential for regular inspections and
repairs. But how do you know when to call them for a replacement? Here are some things
to look for:
• Water damage. A leak here and there can be fixed. But if you’re constantly battling
leaks and damage, it’s time to replace. 
• Mold and moss growth. If algae or moss is growing out of your shingles, it is likely
eating through them. This is especially common if they are made of limestone.
• Light coming through shingles. This is a sign of holes and cracks. Get in touch with a
San Antonio roofing company for an expert opinion to determine if you can get away
with a patch or if an entire replacement is needed. 
• Missing shingles. When serious winds hit, it might just take your shingles with it.
Missing, loose, or worn shingles won’t protect your house like they need to. To avoid
serious damage, make sure this is tackled ASAP.
• Sagging. This happens when it has been over-exposed to water, moisture, and severe
weather like snow and ice weighing down on it. If you have concerns, contact San
Antonio roofing contractors for advice and assistance.

Will a New Roof Lower My Energy Bills?

Wear and tear on your shingles means air is freely flowing in and out of your home, putting
your HVAC into overdrive to compensate. By replacing the system and installing proper
insulation, you control what air enters and exits your house.

When Should I Schedule an Installation?

You can schedule a replacement with a roofing company in San Antonio all year round!
Your roofer in San Antonio, TX may even give you a discount for scheduling in slower
months like January and February.

What Are the Benefits of a Replacement?

Of course, strong roofing in San Antonio, Texas protects your home. But there are some
other benefits such as:
• Improve the aesthetic of your home. 
• Increase the value of your home on the market. 
• Greater energy efficiency.

Should I Replace My Entire Roof or Only Part of it?

Depending on the damage, you may be able to get away with just a partial replacement.
However, roofing repairs in San Antonio add up. If you end up spending more on partial
replacements and repairs, a full replacement from a roofer in San Antonio, TX will likely
save you money.

Find a Roofing Company in San Antonio

When it’s time to replace your roofing in San Antonio, Texas, work with professionals you
can trust. They’ll be able to answer all your questions, get you the best deal, and help you
select the best materials for your home. Schedule your replacement and protect your