Do Metal Roofs Leak More Than Shingles?

With unpredictable weather, heat, and a rising housing market, Texans know how important a roof is to the home’s integrity. Not much is worse than a leak, but high-quality materials and regular maintenance from roofers in Killeen, TX, can prevent this problem.

Our quick guide is here to help you figure out what material will work best to stop your roof from leaking.

The Basics: Metal and Shingle Roofing Defined

Before learning what will work best for your home, you should know the difference between metal and asphalt shingle roofing.

Asphalt Shingles

When roofing companies in Killeen, TX, talk about installing shingles, they’re usually referring to asphalt shingles. These are heavy-duty, affordable, and look great on your home exterior.


Alternatively, a roof can be constructed from various metals. Some metals can be made to look like any variety of traditional roofing textures, such as slate or wood.

Popular metals for roofing in Killeen, TX, include:

  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Copper

Factors that Lead to Leaks

Roofers in Killeen, TX, typically attribute leaks to three leading causes – weather, maintenance, and age.


Intensive stormy weather can cause significant damage, especially if storms are uncommon for the region’s climate. A bad storm may cause a hole in a tiny spot on the roof, making the entire structure more susceptible to leaks in the near future.

Be sure to inspect your home after any major storms. If you see any random debris in the yard, be sure to get it looked at by reliable roofing companies in Killeen, TX. 


Proper maintenance can extend the life of your roof several years after its initial expiration date, but the inverse is also true. Leaks can show up at weak points, especially when your roof flashing becomes defective. 

This is an avoidable leak source if you work with roofers in Killeen, Texas, to regularly reseal, clean, and inspect your roof.


All roofs age eventually and need replacement. Proper installation of a new roof by reputable roofers in Killeen, Texas, can ensure that you won’t be facing any leaks for a while.

Metal VS Shingles for Leaks

Over time, shingles are more likely to suffer weather damage than metal, especially from wind and snow. While these aren’t seen as big problems for roofing in Killeen, TX, it’s always best to be prepared. In general, shingle structures require more maintenance – but they’re also easier to repair.

If you’re facing a leak and are not looking to replace your whole roof, this might be the better option.

Metal tends to be more durable than asphalt. If installed correctly up front, they need less maintenance, leak less, and last longer than their asphalt counterparts. Considering that they’re more eco-friendly and come in more styles, many roofing companies in Killeen, TX, will recommend metal for any significant roof replacement.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing what roofing material works best for stopping leaks. Consider this guide next time you need to stop a leak!