Do I Have To Pay My Deductible in San Antonio, Texas?

If you are looking for roofing repairs in San Antonio, Texas, you’re probably looking for opportunities to cut down on costs and avoid paying high fees for the fixes. In the past, it was a common practice for San Antonio roofing contractors to waive the deductible to help homeowners receive a more affordable roof due to weather damage. However, a recent house bill just passed that changes these laws and could impact the cost of your future repairs.

Below, we will discuss how that affects roofing in San Antonio, Texas, with homeowners and insurers.

What Is The New Texas House Bill 2102?

Governor Greg Abbot signed HB 2102 into effect in 2019, which requires that every homeowner in Texas pay their homeowner’s insurance deductible. It is now considered a criminal offense if San Antonio roofing contractors try to pay, waive, rebate, or offset your deductible.

It used to be possible for untrustworthy roofers in San Antonio, TX, to take your insurance money and leave with a botched roof repair. This new bill is designed to protect roofers from taking advantage of you. While you may have to pay for the deductible, you minimize the risk of paying for services you never receive or incomplete roofing in San Antonio, TX.

How Does This Impact Working with Roofing Contractors in Texas?

A roofer in San Antonio, TX could face criminal charges if they aren’t clear about their handling of deductibles, so it is important they now put in boldface that you will pay the deductible under your property insurance.

As a homeowner and an insured policy owner, you could get into trouble if you accepted a waived deductible to be submitted. So, you don’t want to take any chances and make sure the terms are clear before repairs begin.

If San Antonio roofing contractors offer to waive the deductible, consider this a red flag and choose another provider — you should only work with a roofing company that’s professional and respectful of the laws. However, if you are looking for a waiver, certain waiver clauses are possible.

How Does This Bill Affect Insurers?

This new bill affects how your insurance company handles roofing in San Antonio, Texas. Until they see reasonable proof, your insurer may refuse to pay a claim for withheld replacement cost holdback.

Your insurer may ask for proof through various items, including:

  • Canceled checks
  • Credit card statements
  • Money order receipts
  • Installment plan contract


The HB 2102 is in place to protect you as a homeowner. This bill will prevent you from being taken advantage of by unreliable contractors who could take your money and leave without fixing all of your roofing repairs in San Antonio.

However, it’s still possible to negotiate with a shady roofer in San Antonio that doesn’t respect the laws. That’s why we believe it’s important to pick a company that follows this rule and can thoroughly explain the effects of this new law to you.