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Do you need repair, replacement, or another service for your asphalt, metal, or slate shingles? Look no further than Top Notch Roofing in San Antonio. Our business consists of certified local contractors who are dedicated to completing high quality work. Learn more about the services we offer to residential and commercial customers in San Antonio and the benefits of enlisting our professional help.


Your Top choice for quality roofing services in Texas.  From Killeen to San Antonio and all towns between. Our expert team of roofing contractors has what it takes to get the job done right, whether it’s a minor roof repair or a new roof installation.

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Roof Replacement & Repairs

Our commitment to quality is second to none. Fast, efficient, and affordable replacement & repairs is how we have built our reputation. We only use the best crews who are certified by the manufacturers for the best warranty possible.

Residential Roofing Specialists

We proudly serve San Antonio businesses with replacement, repairs, coatings, and maintenance. Our roofers are highly trained in the newest residential roofing innovations. We specialize in Shingle Roof, Tile Roof, Metal Roof and Stone Coated Steel.

Ventilation Upgrades

While some homeowners in San Antonio may neglect to repair roof ventilation, they shouldn’t. Proper ventilation prevents the buildup of ice dams in the winter and removes hot air from a building during the summer. Our team of asphalt and metal roofing contractors is prepared to work on your ventilation project to promote better airflow throughout your building. Get in touch with our roofing contractors in San Antonio to learn more!

Quality Roof Inspections

Have you just bought a new property in San Antonio and aren’t sure of your tile or asphalt shingle roof’s condition? Recruit our business to perform a thorough inspection. Our roofing contractors in San Antonio will first review the state of your roof to get an idea of its condition. After we review your structure’s condition, we’ll suggest repair services and determine if a new roof installation is necessary.

Gutters & Downspouts

When it comes to roofing San Antonio, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of gutters and downspouts. These devices draw water away from your home or business and prevent it from pooling at the foundation. If your building in San Antonio lacks gutters and downspouts (or has damaged ones), you should hire roofing contractors for installation services.

Emergency Repair & Tarp Down

Top Notch Roofing is here for you 24/7 when damaging Texas storms leave your home exposed. We as your local roofer can quickly help protect your home and furnishings from more extensive damage if your roof has been compromised in any way.

Not Sure If Your Roof Has Damage? We Can Help!

Get A FREE Premium Roof Inspection Package From A Roofer Your Can Trust.

Prevent Leaks

A roof with a small leak can quickly become a much larger problem. It’ll create water damage and lead to problems like mold and mildew growth. The structure may even begin to cave in if you don’t have a local roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX address the issue. When you call our business today, we’ll inspect your structure, detect leaks, and implement effective solutions.

  • Safest Inspection.
  • Free Damage Report Provided
  • No Obligation or Purchase Needed

Our Promise To You And Your Family

We Will Always Give You 5 Star Service, Workmanship, And Materials That Exceed Your Expectations!

​We Realize That Selecting A Roofing Contractor Can Be A Very Difficult Process. Here At Top Notch Roofing, We Promise To Make The Process A Breeze.

At Top Notch Roofing, we strive to be different in the roofing industry. We treat your home like it belonged to our family. That means we spend extra time during inspections.

We only use the best roofers who are certified by the manufacturers for the best warranty possible. We are storm damage restoration specialists with 30+ years of experience in construction, serving San Antonio and many other Texas cities.

We use the highest quality roofing materials.

Contact Us Now And Our Friendly Staff Will Answer All Your Questions And Get The Process Started For You Today.

Recent Projects

We Do Historical Roofing Projects Too!

Hail And Wind Damage Restoration

Free Hail And Wind Damage Inspections
Trained Roofing Experts Are Standing By To Assist You
Call A Roofer In San Antonio  (210) 780-7629 for more information.


Guaranteed Excellent Roofing Repair Service

Roofers are not all the same. Workmanship plays a huge factor in the final product. You need a roofing company that has the integrity to do the job right- cutting corners could cause thousands in additional repair work.

At Top Notch Roofing, we have built our brand with integrity on every roofing project we have ever handled. We make your needs our own and use only the finest materials, techniques and roofing professionals.

Prolong the Life of Your Shingle Roof

Things are bound to go wrong with your structure at one point or another. It is outside, after all — it’ll succumb to the elements, including harsh storms and the sun’s relentless rays. It’s essential to get a contractor to stay on top of regular maintenance. Otherwise, you risk inheriting costly repairs (and you might even need to purchase a new roof prematurely).

But when homes and businesses enlist roofing companies to perform routine maintenance, they can keep their structures in excellent condition.

Call our business today to speak with a qualified contractor who can kickstart your project in San Antonio!

We are the local choice when it comes to roofing in San Antonio

Our Roofing Contractors Commit To FIve-Star Service

High-quality work is one of our priorities, but we also strive to maintain a high caliber of professionalism and transparency. Our team in San Antonio, Texas provides excellent customer service, which you’ll notice all the way from your first call to the last tile we place on your roof.

Whether you need elite repair services or commercial or residential roofing installation, we always establish a date of completion and stick to it. And, we’ll update you of any roadblocks and do our best to overcome them.

Looking for roofing in San Antonio, Texas? Call to schedule service, and be sure to ask about our free estimates!

Our Roofing Contractors Use Only High Quality Materials

Here at Top Notching Roofing, we never use sub-par materials. We only incorporate high-quality asphalt shingles and other materials from brands like Owens Corning. We also provide elite warranties on Owens Corning and other manufacturers. This way, you can rest assured if anything goes wrong with your structure prematurely.

We provide free estimates for your new asphalt shingles or other high-quality materials you wish to implement in an upcoming project.

Should I Replace My Roof

We will gladly perform the inspection and give you our professional recommendations.

How long does a roof replacement take?

Most roof are completed in 1 day for minimal disruption to your schedule. Larger projects and some specialty systems usually require more time.

What roofing options do you offer?

Clay and Concrete Tile, Natural and Synthetic Slate, Metal shake, Stone Coated Steel, Standing Seam Metal, Composition Shingles, TPO, Modified Bitumen etc.

Why You Need Roofing Services in San Antonio, TX?

Here at Top Notch Roofing, our team in San Antonio, TX is in the business of all things roof-related. Our contractors complete roof repair, replacement, and other services to improve the look and function of your building’s covering. Wondering how recruiting our local contractors in San Antonio, TX can benefit you? Check out all the reasons why you need professional roofing services.

residential building

Customer Testimonials

Niels Lassen

I was referred to Steven at Top Notch Roofing by my insurance agent for a roof inspection for our policy. Steven was incredibly responsive and was at my house the morning after we connected over the phone. His inspection was very thorough with plenty of pictures, and he made sure I understood the different facets of my roof’s health. He even sat down and made sure the report was successfully emailed to me and my insurance agent before he would accept payment. I’ll definitely be going to these guys for any roofing services in the future!

Wendy Crabbe

Steven was so professional as was his entire team. Great quality workmanship They were in and out in 3 days for a very large and steep roof. Clean up was superb, I highly recommend it. This company goes above and beyond expectation!

Alex Randall

I have known Steven with Top Notch Roofing for sometime and had him out on my roof and my clients. He goes above and beyond in making sure his customers get an honest and professional evaluation and service. I highly recommend Top Notch Roofing!

Christine Wilson

We received a referral after we found loose shingles. We fully expected to replace the whole roof and were really surprised when Top Notch told us we only needed a repair/tune up. What a surprise to have a service provider tell us we didn’t need to spend as much. They were on time, courteous, clean and professional. I will definitely use them again and recommend Top Notch!

Adria Battaglia

My neighbor recommended Steven at Top Notch roofing to me: she said I’d never meet someone as good as he is in this business. She was right! We were dealing with an old roof that had some minor storm damage. Steven came out quickly, assessed everything, took and shared excellent pictures and notes, and made himself available to be here when our claims adjuster came out. Throughout the entire process he was communicative, transparent, and more than fair. On the day of our new roof install, we also had flooring going into the home…Steven even helped move our truck during the chaos to keep things safe! He had our roof up in a day, and made the payment process stress-free. If you want a beautiful, well-installed roof, TopNotch roofing is the company to use! If you want to work with a kind, professional human being during the process, Steven is the person to call!